Fortnite Is More Than Two Weeks

     It’s been a long time since Christmas of 1999 when I unwrapped one of my favorite gifts ever, the Nintendo 64. I remember how much fun I had playing classic games with my siblings. That Nintendo 64 was just one easy purchase that my parents made. The games they bought were also singular, one-time transactions. The “N64” would just plug into your wall and your TV. The machine was completely independent of Wifi or any internet connectivity. Gaming is an entire new universe today. With “microtransactions” and online play, kids and teenagers have much more to navigate these days. We want to partner with you, the parent, to make the right decisions for your family. As someone who loves video games, I want the next generation to enjoy them as well. But as a grown adult now, I understand the risks that come along with video games and online gaming. I hope these resources will help you guide your family through the gaming universe safely!
     - Ben Hammack, Children’s Pastor
Graph represents registered users of Fortnite worldwide since August 2017 to May 2020 (in millions).