Whether you’ve never been to our church or it’s been a long time, we think you’ll enjoy your time with us. 

You can plan your Easter experience online or in person- either way, we want you to come as you are!
We're so glad you asked! You can check out our Sunday morning experience and preregister by Planning Your Visit! 

Where do I park?
We have parking available in the lower and upper lots at 2800 Claflin, as well across Browning from Commerce Bank all the way down to Nichols Chiropractic. We ask for your help in keeping spaces available in the lots directly next to our building for those with mobility issues, the elderly, or families with small children.

What's up with 8 am? (WHOOP WHOOP!)
We know Easter will bring lots of new friends and families. If you're a regular attender who can shift to 8 am service for Easter, we'd greatly appreciate you making room! There will be Varsity donuts for all of our 8 am crowd.

We can’t wait to see you at University Christian Church!
Have questions? Reach out to us!