Get excited!! Pastor Barry and his wife Marcie are taking the UCC family to the Holy Lands March 12-21, 2022. This is an incredible opportunity to bring the Bible to life. Israel has handled the current conditions incredibly well and we are continuing to move forward with all travel plans. We will have team building meetings beforehand as well! These pictures below are from when Barry and Marcie went a couple years ago to help them learn how to plan and guide this trip.

“It changed how I read the Bible, and I’ll never forget the memories and emotions that flooded my heart. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to plan another trip, so if you’ve thought about making this pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, we’d be excited to have you join us this fall! Communion in The Garden, worship while on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, baptism celebration on the shore afterwards, standing where 1000s were baptized after Peter preached in front of the temple, walking through Pontius Pilate’s home where Jesus was flogged... & so many other locations... each one brings the Bible to life and really deepens your faith. Really incredible!”