Kids and Phones:
Keeping Kids Safe in the Internet Age

     This could be the year. The year your son or daughter gets their very first smart phone! It’s a big moment for you just as much as it is for them. (Even if their new phone is just your old one). This means that you can now stay connected with them. It also means that they can access some of the most harmful content in cyberspace in the swipe of a screen. In the internet age, kids are rapidly accessing pornography at an alarming rate. According to online studies such as this one, kids as young as 10 have begun regularly viewing porn websites. It’s up to you to guide your kids away from harmful content and help them live free of the detrimental effects of porn and other harmful ideologies. We want to help you do that! You’re not alone! We know that it’s hard to be a parent. We believe in you as parents because God is bigger than the dangers that are out there.
     - Ben Hammack, Children’s Pastor

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